Five noteworthy examples of how Kickstarter is helping make the local scene more vibrant

Amanda Palmer recently set the record for crowd-sourced fundraising among music-related projects -- a record once held by Five Iron Frenzy -- after the Kickstarter campaign to fund her new record raised $735,000 in about two weeks. The former Dresden Dolls frontwoman served up tickets, copies of the album and private concerts to fans willing to donate. For $10,000, the fortunate fan got to hang out with Palmer for the day, plus have a professionally styled photo shoot together.

While major labels stand around scratching their heads, Kickstarter is yet another example of how the Internet has enabled indie artists with powerful tools to succeed on their own terms. Social media might make it easier for bands to connect with fans, promote projects and book gigs, but without some money -- whether it's buying studio time or earning gas to get to the next gig -- there isn't much to talk about. Dozens and dozens of local acts have used Kickstarter to rally fans' monetary support for projects; we've picked five noteworthy examples of how crowd-funding is helping make the local scene more vibrant. One of these efforts is still in progress, while the others have been fully funded -- and then some.

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