F.Lawless, of Foodchain, makes his solo debut on Limbo. This cohesive collection of ambient tones, soulful sounds and soft harmonies provides a relaxing backdrop against which the MC can flex his lyrical abilities. F.Lawless rhymes with a notably cool demeanor on tracks like "For Real Though" and "Riding Shotty," both of which are injected with tranquil doses of slow bass and soft chimes. His compelling word choices make the assonance of his flow even more impressive, and the whole project has a euphoric overtone that's almost dream-like. Subtle synths swathe self-actualized lines like "Drake changed the game/I was so gone/I was trying to do that for so long/Thought I was hot/I was lukewarm." The only song here that doesn't fit the overall vibe of the record is "Maneuvers," with its hard-rock snare driving a sample screaming about "the life of an outlaw." Just the same, the song itself is quite good. With an assist from his Foodchain fam, along with some other features, F.Lawless moves forward nicely on Limbo.


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