Flier of the Week: Hello Kavita at the hi-dive

Flier of the Week: Hello Kavita at the hi-dive

Today I woke up thinking, "Thursday already, and no Flier of the Week to light the way?" Then I saw this delightful work and knew the gods of graphic design had seen my plight and taken pity on me. The muted color palette and sea-creature graphic seem especially suited to this wet Thursday afternoon, don't they? The typograpy is great, too, and the whole thing is kind of cute, in a way that even dudes who don't go in much for cute (like me, for instance) can appreciate without feeling the need to throw up in their mouths a little. If you like it too, show your appreciation by going to the show April 24 at the hi-dive to catch the gentle country-kissed pop of Hello Kavita and the fine femme stylings of both Andrea Ball and the Autumn Film.


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