Flier of the Week: The Knew at Larimer Lounge

Flier of the Week: The Knew at Larimer Lounge

This week's snazzy flier shows off the skills of Amber Fagan. Something about the hand-drawn illustration of two people with heads titlted, eyes closed in what appears to be rapture really did it for me -- I imagine it's a couple of fans, first row at a Knew show, drinking in the awesome. This lovely image advertises what looks to be a stellar show tonight at the Larimer Lounger. It's a tour kickoff show for the Knew, who are heading out ot the West Coast to showcase their hard-hitting, free-wheeling brand of psycho-garage cowpunk. In support you've got Drop City, the Fling, the Outfit and Lungs They Burn. All that for $6? Sounds like a deal...


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