The Flobots have more in common with Bop Skizzum than guitarist Andy Guerrero, trumpeter Joe Ferrone and bassist Jesse Walker, who are members of both groups. The collectives also put on acclaimed party-hearty concerts that don't always translate to discs. Nevertheless, Platypus, the Flobots' new EP, waddles in the right direction, thanks to arrangements that push beyond mere funkiness.

The key in this respect is viola player Mackenzie "No Relation" Roberts, whose energetic playing provides unexpected heft and welcome drama to "Jetpack." She also boosts "The Moon," which affords plenty of room for vocalists Brer Rabbit and Jonny 5 to stretch their syllables.

Granted, lines such as "I just wanna say welcome to the part of the show/Where the bass drum hits hard and slow" (from "One Love") need a crowd to make them work. But other parts of Platypus sound as strong on the car stereo as they do from the stage.




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