Flobots urge you to buy local next week

We're all about local. It's what we do. It's who we are. And so we're all about buying local (well, aside from the American Spirit cigarettes we smoke, the Circle K coffee we drink and the Hondas we drive). So naturally, we totally appreciate and co-sign the sentiments behind the Flobots' latest viral video above that finds Jamie Laurie and Andy Guerrero (better known by nom de tunes, Jonny 5 and Andy Rok, to the rest of the world) promoting buy local week -- which kicks off this Monday, November 30, and runs through the end of the week -- by urging us all to spend our hard-earned loot on the things that are made and sold locally by, well, locals. So much so that we can overlook the inherent dorkiness of the dudes whose hearts are clearly in the right place but who look sort of awkward and goofy on camera. What's more, we're all about some Benny Blancos pizza, which Laurie namedrops in the clip. Buy local. The premise is as easy to remember as your ABCs -- Always Buy Colorado.


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