Foster the People

Okay, this has the potential to either be one of those shows that you can tell people you were at in a year or two and they'll be like, "No shit? Nice!" — à la the Killers or Arcade Fire at the Larimer Lounge — or one of those shows that you're like, "Uh, yeah, I think I saw them once." Hard to say at this point; Foster the People hasn't been around long enough (since 2009) to assess its lasting power. With only a three-song EP out, though (a full-length, Torches, won't be out until May), the buzz is steadily building in the blogosphere, mostly based on the outfit's strong showing at last year's SXSW and the incredibly infectious single "Pumped Up Kicks." The song — somewhat of a deviation from the group's electro-pop sound – is about a cowboy kid named Robert who's liable to shoot up the place, as Biggie once put it. KROQ loves the tune, and the band, fresh off a return trip to SXSW, is due at Coachella and Sasquatch later this year.


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