Foxy Brown

Naturally, Foxy Brown is the object of Ali G's affections. With her foul mouth and short skirt, she epitomizes the fake gangsta-ism he parodies. At least she has the track record to support it: She recently finished a stint at Riker's Island, having violated probation stemming from an attack on a pair of nail-salon employees. "Sometimes I feel like I'm just too fucking real," she raps on Brooklyn's Don Diva. More like too predictable. Since her days as a sixteen-year-old prodigy on her multi-platinum debut Ill Na Na, Brown's voice has lost all traces of vulnerability, and she's morphed into a law-evading, materialistic caricature. Here her flow is as strong as ever, but she doesn't say anything about herself that others haven't already said — in more colorful language.


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