Franz Ferdinand

The sense of unease was palpable at last year's Franz Ferdinand performance at the Bluebird Theater. Hipster faces awash in confusion hinted at a deep and troubling inner turmoil. The dilemma? How to avoid shaking that ass, thus losing your resigned and superior mystique. Resistance proved futile. By the time the Glasgow quartet banged out the first few chords of its smash hit "Take Me Out," there wasn't a stationary booty in the place, no matter how tight the pants. There's just no denying the infectiousness of Franz's art-rock sound, one that Kanye West dubbed "white crunk." Expect more of the same when the boys take the Fillmore stage after opening act Pretty Girls Make Graves. That's right: It wasn't all designer clothing and planet barnstorming as Franz skyrocketed to power this past year; at some point, they batted out a follow-up album, too. So strap on your dancing shoes again, hipsters -- you know, the ones from your ska phase.


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