Fray reveals track list for new album

Fray reveals track list for new album
Update: TheĀ Jimmy Kimmel Live clip is posted after the jump.

Isaac Slade (pictured above) and his bandmates in the Fray, who performed in the snow this past weekend at Vail's Snow Daze, have revealed the track list for the band's forthcoming self-titled album, which is due to be released here and everywhere on Tuesday, February 3. In addition to "You Found Me," which is already getting spins across the country, the album will feature the following tracks, posted after the jump. Good to see that "Happiness," the sparser acoustic number, and "Absolute," songs the outfit has been playing live for more than a year, both made the cut. If you missed the show in Vail, be sure to catch the band tomorrow night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the outfit will be appearing alongside former Highlands Rancher, Keri Russell. -- Dave Herrera

The band talks about the new record with

The Fray
Track List



You Found Me

Say When

Never Say Never

Where the Story Ends

Enough for Now

Ungodly Hour

We Build Then We Break


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