Freaky Friday: How not to make bread

Some things in life simply cannot be explained; today's video is one of those things. It is as inexplicable as alien abduction phenomena or David Hasselhoff's popularity as a singer in Germany. I have no idea where this comes from or how it came to be. It could be a particularly bizarre artifact of the '80s, a more contemporary parody or something that slipped into this universe from a parallel dimension. Describing it would only spoil its impact, so I'm just going to ask you to click through and watch a short instructional video on how bread is made. Have a little patience -- the first few seconds are a little slow, but it gets good before long. And by good, I mean, "Holy shit, what am I looking at and what on earth does it have to do with making bread?" It's a short one -- just under a minute and a half -- but I can all but guarantee you're going to want to watch it twice. Or more. It awaits after the jump...


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