Freaky Friday: Van Canto - "Wishmaster"

Freaky Friday: Van Canto - "Wishmaster"

There is very little that needs to be said to put across the basic idea of Van Canto. Three words, in fact, are really all I need: a capella metal (er, is that two words? whatever). Not that I'm going to stop there -- there's no way I can resist heaping it on a bit. Yes, this is a band that does metal -- in the case of the tune I've found for you, it's what I like to call D&D metal, the kind full of dragons and swords and shit -- a cappella. They make the guitar, bass and other sounds with their voices. With a drummer. So you have a guy pounding out some metal beats, plus four guys and a chick who are all either singing dramatic lyrics about masters and apprentices and what not or going "deedley-deedley-deedley-dum-dum-dum" for four and half minutes. While making faux-scary "metal faces." It's German, I'm pretty sure it's meant to be taken seriously (mind you, Germans take David Hasselhoff seriously as a musician, so...) and utterly, mind-meltingly ridiculous. And you can find it by clicking through to the jump.


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