Free, daily (more or less) tracks from One Track Mind

Free, daily (more or less) tracks from One Track Mind

If you like free music -- and I know you like free music -- point your web-browsing machine over to One Track Mind, a newish blog offering a daily song review and download of said reviewed song. It's a Denver-based operation and, according to its About page, it's staffed by "A super-secret cabal of veteran music writers. We meet once every full moon in an undisclosed location where a series of constantly changing passwords is required to gain admittance." Which is cool, because it's about time music writing took on some of the aspects of super-villainry

In addition to said reviews and downloads, the site also allows you to rate and comment on the tracks and/or reviews. And while they haven't quite managed to keep up with their admittedly ambitious one-a-day download and review schedule, they've done a pretty good job, serving up three to five tracks a week for your downloading pleasure. And these aren't just throwaway crap by a bunch of no-name bands you don't care about -- in recent days they've offered tracks from Jay Reatard, Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions, the Clientele, Holy Ghost and As Tall As Lions. All free, all legal and all for you.

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