The lead singer gets all the chicks. The lead guitarist gets all the props. The drummer gets all the mystique. The bass player getsŠwhatever's left over. Seriously. When's the last time somebody talked about knighting Bill Wyman? Everyone drools over Mick Jagger or the crypt- keeper formerly known as Keith Richards. Even that one-armed dude from Def Leppard has become a status symbol for drummers. Who do the bass players have to hang their hat on? Glad you asked. There's only person stupid or shrewd enough to make the bass guitar the star of the show -- yes, we're talking about Freekbass. It's actually a quartet from Cincinnati, but the man with the plan is a funky white guy with a funky hat, a funky fur coat and a funked-out bass. The freak with the bass, as it were. His more mundane name is Chris Sherman, but when none other than Bootsy Collins calls you Freekbass, you roll with it. Bootsy has taken Sherman under his sequined vest, serving as executive producer on the last two Freekbass releases, including the band's latest, The Air Is Fresher Underground. Breathe it in, baby, breathe it in.


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