D.C. rapper Wale (pictured, pronounced wah-lay) has been drumming up a lot of support with his free online releases. He recently issued the Seinfeld-inspired Mixtape About Nothing on his Elitaste blog ( The nineteen-track collection features plenty of sound bites from the '90s sitcom and, of course, "The Kramer" reminds us of that other thing Michael Richards is famous for. Julia Louis-Dreyfus even pops in for the obligatory shout-out, in which she concludes: "My kids are going to think I'm so cool for being on this mixtape, motherfuckah. Word up." Download it for free and pick up the limited-edition Serenity Now T-shirt while supplies last.

Iceland's Sigur Rós announced its fifth LP last week. Out this week on XL Recordings, Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust, which translates to With a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlessly, will be mostly sung in the band's native tongue (with one in English), as opposed to the "Hopelandic" jibber-jabber to which fans have become accustomed. Surrender your e-mail address to the band's website to download the album opener for free. Just make sure the coast is clear before you check out the companion video for "Gobbledigook." That eighteen-and-older warning is there for a reason.

Finally, with more than 1,000 recorded songs under his belt, Robert Pollard isn't one to waste time. We're only halfway into 2008, and the Dayton, Ohio, workhorse is readying his second solo LP of the year — hence the title, Robert Pollard Is Off to Business. The album hit stores a few weeks ago on his newly formed label, Guided by Voices Inc. Preview a new track, "Gratification to Concrete" (along with a smattering of older demos and rarities) at his website, Expect to see more of Pollard this fall with his upcoming coffee-table book, Town of Mirrors, and his next project, Boston Spaceships.




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