Freeloader: A sneak peek at Ian Cooke's new album
Brian Carney

Freeloader: A sneak peek at Ian Cooke's new album

It's been nearly three years since Ian Cooke (due tonight at the Larimer Lounge) released The Fall I Fell and proceeded to blow everyone's minds with his inimitably expressive vocal style, dexterous cello playing and remarkably affecting songs.

Freeloader: A sneak peek at Ian Cooke's new album
Brian Carney

In the intervening years, he's quietly gone about his way, guesting on a few records -- perhaps most notably on Forfeit/Fortune by Crooked Fingers -- and played some shows on his own and occasionally with a band.

All along, fans have been eagerly (and patiently) awaiting Fall's inevitable followup. Good news: The wait is almost over. Cooke is currently in pre-production, sorting through more than thirty song ideas, the majority of which, confides Ian O'Dougherty -- who's co-producing the record with Bob Ferbrache at his studio and Absinthe -- are piano-based.

"While some are heading into prog-rock-Queen territory," reveals O'Dougherty, who's also playing on the record with bassist Whit Sibley and drummer Sean Merrell, "others are much more classically influenced, using only cello. As a whole, the songs and sounds will be much more diverse than those on The Fall I Fell. We hope to have it out this summer."

In the meantime, you can download a demo of one of the songs being considered for the new album (recorded live in one-take at a show in San Diego), then catch Cooke with his band at the Larimer Lounge next Friday, February 19TONIGHT, with Laura Goldhamer & the Silver Nail and the Tanukis.

MP3: "


" by Ian Cooke


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