Freeloader: Vaux opens the vaults

Storied Denver band Vaux is no more, which means no more Vaux shows, which means the last time you saw them is literally the last time you saw them. That makes us sad, since Vaux were always one of the best, most visceral live bands going. But if we're not going to get any new memories of Vaux playing live shows, the next best thing would be recordings of live shows we missed and guess what Vaux just released from the vaults recently?

Okay, we sort of gave it away, didn't we? In case it's not obvious, it's recordings of Vaux live shows. Nine of them, dating all the way back to the days they were called Eiffel, in long-ago 2000. We haven't had a chance to sit down and listen to much of any of these recordings yet, but hey, they're free, they're Vaux and they're as close as you're going to get to the real thing barring some unforeseen circumstance like a time machine or a reunion tour.


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