Fresh local hip-hop from Atak One, Planes!, Foodchain and Zome of Diamond Boiz

Fresh local hip-hop from Atak One, Planes!, Foodchain and Zome of Diamond Boiz

Welcome back to another edition of That's a Rap. This week, we've got another a fresh batch of homegrown hip-hop for you. Whether you're looking for a rugged, classic sound or a laid-back joint, we've got you covered with new cuts from Atak One, Planes!, Foodchain and Zome of Diamond Boiz. Keep reading to hear what's good this week.

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Atak One -- "Fall From Grace" Taking full advantage of a sobering, emotive vocal sample used by Sinima Beats, Atak One spills his imperfections in well-constructed bars. He manages to convey his vulnerability while avoiding cliches for the most part and avoiding outright sentimentality. Like a diary entry, "Fall From Grace" is raw, but it's not pitiful, and by the time the guitar kicks in near the end, you'll feel what Atak One is feeling.

Planes! -- "Don't Worry" With "Don't Worry," Planes! combines swagger, lyrical agility and smoothness, unlike most of what is seen locally. Where JT sounds like A$AP Rocky, Lennex Dublyn sounds a bit like Schoolboy Q, a combination that's already proved potent. Meanwhile, A-Trax, who deserves props for his minimal yet hypnotic beat, sounds like the least refined member of the crew when it comes to lyrics. Altogether, though, this is a very promising takeoff for Planes!

The Foodchain -- "FC [1Hunnid]" What makes the first verse in "1Hunnid" such a pleasure to listen to is that, even though there are no irregularities in the flow, the rhymes and the rhythm aren't obvious, so it doesn't sound like a sing-songy nursery rhyme. The second verse goes the other way and makes a point to demonstrate flexibility with the lyrics. Though rhymes come early and often, there aren't many predictable ones, resulting in two equally effective methods to showcase lyrical proficiency.

Zome -- "The Predator" In "The Predator," Zome entwines his assonant swinging cadence with classical violin loops to actualize his freestyle-esque lyrical boasts. The beat, produced by Bostic Beats, holds together well with Zome's bouncy trochees and contrasts well with his lo-fi, dirty hook.


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