Fully Loaded

Formed in October 2005 as a charitable response to the Katrina debacle, San Francisco's Fully Loaded immediately generated a sizzling response from trendy Bay Area audiences with its fierce blend of soul jazz, funk, Afrobeat and rock. A mere six months later, the group has taken its show on the road. It's not surprising that the bandmembers have jelled so effortlessly in such a short amount of time. The sextet -- saxman Cochemea Gastelum, guitarist Will Bernard, bassist Chris Stillwell, keyboardist Eric Levy, percussionist Chuck Prada and drummer Adam Deitch -- is made up of accomplished session players who've backed the Black Eyed Peas, 20th Congress, Garaj Mahal and the Fugees, among others. Additionally, the outfit's inaugural tour will feature Reggie Watts on vocals and DJ Apollo behind the turntables. Fully Loaded? And then some.


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