Future of the Left

Andy Falkous and Jeff Egglestone were half of the caustic noise-rock juggernaut mclusky. When that band split, the pair formed the decidedly more political Future of the Left, whose songs are filled with the kind of incisive, biting invective you'd expect to hear from bands like Gang of Four or Crass. On 2009's Travels With Myself and Another, for example, there's a song called "You Need Satan More Than He Needs You," and on the more recent The Plot Against Common Sense is one titled "Robocop 4 — Fuck Off Robocop." Both are scathing criticisms of testosterone-fueled bravado and hypocritical piousness. Informed by poetic insight into society and the individual psyche, Future of the Left's wicked sense of humor is a bracing and necessary antidote to today's political environment, in which spurious platitudes are often peddled as truth.


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