Ladies love G-Eazy. They absolutely adore him. Whether it's his lazy-smooth flow or Dapper Dan look, we don't know, but the last time he was in Denver, warming up for Hoodie Allen on the Excellent Adventure Tour at Summit Music Hall, bras were flying on stage like roses at the opera. This time around, he's the main attraction, headlining his own show at the Gothic (moved from the Bluebird due to demand, if that tells you anything). Last year's show wasn't just for the fairer sex, though; Eazy first gained prominence with his 2011 mixtape Endless Summer, which was more than solid all the way through. Probably the most impressive aspect of his music was his excellent use of samples, which included a wonderfully nostalgic rendition of "Runaround Sue" and a divine flip of Denver pop band Tennis's "Marathon" in "Waspy."


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