Gary "Mani" Mournfield

Gary "Mani" Mournfield enjoys the distinction of having been part of two of the most important bands to emerge from Britain in the past twenty years: the Stone Roses and Primal Scream. Both acts helped create the zeitgeist of their time, particularly the Stone Roses, whose impact on British rock is simply beyond measure. Trace amounts of that act's sound can be heard in the music of a vast number of successors, from Oasis to Bloc Party. While rumors of a reunion have been circulating for more than year, Mournfield (due at Lipgloss at La Rumba on Friday, January 13) divides his time between playing bass in Primal Scream and deejaying at clubs and parties. A mix of soul and Brit rock, his sets are a living retrospective of the sounds that shaped his lauded outfits and continue to serve as a backbone for all who have followed in their wake.


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