Gauntlet Hair at the Larimer Lounge

It seems inevitable that these guys are going to be compared to Animal Collective more often than is warranted. But really, the sound and overall aesthetic of Gauntlet Hair is far closer to that of Deerhunter. We've heard plenty of bands recently whose ghostly vocals sit indistinguishably in the mix alongside other instruments blurred together by reverb. What sets Gauntlet Hair (due on Sunday, August 22, at the Larimer Lounge) apart from the pack is its warmth and its inventive yet accessible guitar work. That, coupled with a masterful blend of acoustic and electronic percussion, give this band a dynamic edge. The shimmering, quavering, echoing atmospheres of the band's songs conjure images of sunny winter landscapes without the bite of cold. Garnering critical praise nationally as well as renown on the local DIY circuit, Gauntlet Hair has managed to rapidly evolve beyond its influences.


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