Gemini Trajectory

The first half of the A-side of this cassette conjures a mood of being on an intercontinental flight, a peaceful sense of being out of time and floating on a journey whose destination is half a day ahead. That evolves into the sound of early analog video-game malfunctioning — like Missile Command interlacing into that part of Tempest where you warp forward to the next level. But more than anything, this music sounds like the soundtrack to one of those well-intentioned, accidentally mysterious but oddly compelling and dreamy Italian science-fiction movies of the '80s, the post-apocalyptic kind that took cues from both The Road Warrior and Escape From New York. Ceiling Octagon Box is, at times, subtly, hazily distorted, but it's always hypnotic, as if the music were operating on a subconscious level.


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