Gemini Trajectory ventures to Rhinoceropolis on February 29

Charles Ballas is the kind of record nerd a lot of people wish they were but could never be. He's probably heard most things you'd throw his way, but he's too good-natured and smart to be a jerk about it. While attending the University of Colorado in Boulder, he was involved in the more adventurous experimental music programs on Radio 1190 and was a member of the long-running ambient project Multicast, which often performed hours-long sets starting at midnight on Fridays. In the last couple of years or so, he's been a member of Gemini Trajectory (due at Rhinoceropolis this Wednesday, February 29), with Tyler Broeren. The recently released Moon Ruins is the pure sonic expression of the fearful uncertainty of being sent to explore the newfound remains of an ancient, technologically advanced civilization — a feat the duo pulls off live with a vivid, hypnotic fidelity.


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