On Genessier's new album, Graces the Bone, a wash of noise and a dark, abstract melody in the music rush side by side and are often punctuated by menacing electronic beats. "Emlyn," the album's opening track, resembles late-'80s EBM with its panning low end, samples and distorted vocals. Think Twitch-period Ministry, Remission-era Skinny Puppy and Front 242 circa Tyranny for You. The soundscaping, though, is more modern, akin to the production heard from artists like Tim Hecker and Mark Van Hoen, with a continuous flow instead of sudden pauses and jumping back into the stream of sound. While evoking the aforementioned touchstones, Gennessier also comes off as a harbinger ahead of many bands that are just now starting to appreciate and reference this sound.


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