Get Him Eat Him

Get Him Eat Him is the latest purveyor of the jittery, keyboard-laden pop that will hopefully someday replace emo as the soundtrack for angsty teenagers everywhere. With so much more to say than hackneyed harangues concerning shallow love gone wrong, Get Him Eat Him's bubbly, buoyant songs employ a refreshing and youthful earnestness that often glosses over the act's taut and well-crafted melodies. Some Weezer fans may decry the similarities between Rivers Cuomo's outfit and Matt Lemay's curiously titled quintet -- despite the fact that Get Him Eat Him clearly has more in common with the angular art pop of the Dismemberment Plan. It's tempting to describe the music as power pop for the Ritalin generation, but that would be a disservice to a band that has obviously taken great care to create a densely layered sound that isn't mired in smug cleverness.


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