Get Your Going

Andrew Novick is at it again. He's on a mission to make our fine city a more fun and colorful place with his latest project, Get Your Going. Once upon a time way back in the '90s, the arch-genius prankster supreme and his cohorts outraged many as the Warlock Pinchers and Scramblehead, confounding even more with cereal breakfast parties and ventriloquist karaoke. These days, Novick's good-natured absurdist humor and charming eccentricity is goosing Get Your Going's imaginatively conceived theme parties. Whether he's playing Waffle House songs over a P.A. while he and an assistant serve up waffles, piping in Charles Manson songs or spinning that dreadfully hilarious Morton Downey Jr. album, the party is different every time, complete with costumes and other interactive elements. Although you never know quite what to expect from one of Novick's performances, one thing is certain: If you head over to the Larimer Lounge this Tuesday, March 6, you can expect to experience the kind of fun that's lacking in your everyday life.


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