Ghost Buffalo

Just as Planes Mistaken for Stars finished inking a new deal with Abacus, a subsidiary of Century Media, the group's side project, Ghost Buffalo, joined the roster of local punk institution Suburban Home. The sad news? Matt Bellinger has quit Planes -- which he helped found in 1998 -- to focus on Ghost Buffalo. The country-rock quintet is currently recording its debut full-length, which is due out in January. And while guitarist Josh Coyle, bassist Tom Venture and singer/guitarist Marie Litton (winner of Westword's Best Frontwoman award last year) are still on board, drummer Mike Ricketts, also of Planes, has exited, leaving Ghost to look for a new timekeeper. The band's October 22 show at the Larimer Lounge will feature Bryon Bean of Black Lamb on the skins; after that, Bellinger and crew will be working hard to solidify the lineup and finish their album -- which, if their new, download-only EP is any indication, promises to be one of the most singular fusions of rock spirit and haunting Americana that Denver has seen.


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