Ghost Buffalo gives up the ... well, ghost

Ghost Buffalo gives up the ... well, ghost

Allow us to make this semi dreary Friday a little drearier. We just received word that one of our favorite bands (yes, we know we have a lot of favorite bands) is about to expire. It seems Ghost Buffalo, we're saddened to report, has reached its natural end. The outfit is slated to play two final shows before hanging it up for good -- one at 3 Kings Tavern on Tuesday, May 12, with Eyes and Ears, Bryan Hartley and Sonic Vomit, and another on Thursday, May 14, at the Rocket Room in Colorado Springs, with the same bill only swap Eyes and Ears for the Nicotine Fits. According to guitarist Matt Bellinger, the band is still planning to record and release a four-song EP, while his wife Marie is set to begin working on a solo effort in the not to distant future. Check out the act's final video after the jump and download one of the final tracks, a stellar song called "Indecision." Fare thee well.

Download "Indecision" by Ghost Buffalo

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