Ghostland Observatory

Austin's Ghostland Observatory is more than just another pair of sweaty dudes making party music. Aaron Behrens and Thomas Turner crank up the heat on this formula by combining filthy French electro with '60s soul and plenty of '80s synth pop. While Turner churns out beats that butts can't resist, Behrens belts out vocals that combine Al Green's potent lust, Brad Delp's cock-rock croon and Michael Hutchence's oversexed come-ons. Turner — who often appears in a lamé cape — holds down the tracks and occasionally rocks a drum kit, but the frontman is the undeniable secret weapon in the act's live show. In his long braids and tight pants, Behrens works a Native American sex-god look, grinding his pelvis and prowling around the stage with PG-13 prowess. It's a sweaty seduction scene that lures many observers right on stage to join the party.


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