Gina Star spins on Christmas at Beta

It's a long way from Dallas, Texas, to the United Kingdom, but Gina Star has made the transition with both glamour and aplomb. The DJ/producer has seen several sides of the music business — at one point, she was the director of A&R at Thrive Records, putting her ear for up-and-coming sounds and artists to good use. Then she released her debut single, "Rock With Me," on Dave Aude's Audacious label, and her career behind the decks was off and running. This year, Star debuted her latest single, "I Want It Now," at Miami's Winter Music Conference; the track uses the catchy hook from Queen's "I Want It All" and has been remixed by Robbie Rivera, among others. Star's dance-heavy house tunes have already been big-room hits across the nation (and the world), and she'll no doubt throw down a distinctive, booty-shaking gift of a set at Beta when she spins there on Saturday, December 25.


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