Giom at the Treehouse Collective Anniversary Party

As a musician, making a big enough splash to attract the attention of your primary influences within a few short years of your first release is quite an achievement, and that's just what French-born, London-based DJ/producer Giom has done. He cites heavyweight deep-house icons Derrick Carter, Mark Farina and DJ Sneak as his primary influences, and he's already charted records with Farina as well as played alongside him. Giom works the funky, bouncier side of deep house, favoring tracks with hypnotic bass lines, insistently pushy percussion loops and celebratory vocal interjections. His take on the style is clearly in touch with its Chicago roots while displaying his own international ones. The tracks he's released and remixed have been well received, and he's quickly carving out a niche for himself in the deep-house scene. His appearance at the Treehouse Collective's ten-year anniversary party on Saturday, April 4, will be his first in Colorado, so get yourself out so you can say you were there. E-mail for venue information and tickets.


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