On Chicks Only, GirlGrabbers' ode to the ladies, the crew has crafted a damn near perfect array of instrumentals, mating soul samples with vocal loops. Each track is named for a different "hot chick," from Arcadia Lake to Paula Patton. The cuts are slinky, uber-sexy and incredibly well arranged. The drums are tantalizing on "Vanessa Del Rio," and the clip from Jay-Z's "Girl's Best Friend" is apropos of everything Del Rio-related. The track dedicated to Mila Kunis, meanwhile, is soft, natural and dizzying, just like the actress herself, while Turner Jackson turns in a sexually descriptive verse on "Traci Lords." The bass lines are raunchy, and the drums are sexually charged, sultry at times and understated at others. If there's an ideal instrumental album out there, GirlGrabbers just made it. Ladies, this one's for you. —


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