Had Glorytellers' Geoff Farina gotten into music for cash and fame, his career trajectory would look very different. Instead of focusing on glitz and flash, he toiled for well over a decade in an obscure Boston-based combo known as Karate and also spent time in Secret Stars, a partnership with Jodi Buonanno that was both lo-fi and low-key. Predictably, neither project broke the bank, but Farina's consistently intelligent songwriting and vocals won him a devoted following sure to appreciate his latest work, too. On his new act's self-titled debut (released on Southern Records), the main Gloryteller, slated to appear at the hi-dive with Achille Lauro and Shwerver, brings a literate touch to tunes such as the brisk, vivid "Anonymous" and the reflective "Camouflage," which finds him comparing a central character to a "pale bouquet of only one rose." The complexity of Farina's imagery automatically narrows his potential audience, but that doesn't seem to bother him. He clearly has higher priorities.

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