Goer returns from a brief hiatus with a more contemplative, polished approach to its cavernous, post-Radiohead, lo-fi electro-indie pop. The percussion work on opener "Fill Your Cravings," for instance, incorporates more jazz and trip-hop than the frenetic style found on previous EPs Cove and Like Minds. The use of delay is also more refined and more harmoniously layered here, relieving much of the earlier works' claustrophobia in exchange for a nihilistic, narcotic slumber warmed by blankets of sound piling ever deeper. The album isn't a nap-fest, however. Arpeggiated chimes run over polyrhythmic percussion punctuated by plucks of guitar and pad washes as "Brittle-Skinned" builds, crashes and regenerates. On Adapter, Goer pays close attention to detail, taking the textural richness and aesthetic cohesiveness demonstrated in the band's previous releases and assuming greater ownership, moving away from influences and into something distinctly its own.


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