Croques monsieur. Ponderous films. Ennui. You can now add vicious, monstrous metal to the list of things for which France is famous. Bayonne's own Gojira (the Japanese name for Godzilla) unloads a brimming bag of hefty, riff-tastic, thoroughly thunderous metal. The quartet -- freres Joe and Mario Duplantier (guitarist/vocalist and drummer, respectively), guitarist Christian Andreu and bassist Jean-Michel Labadie -- cranks up the volume and compositional complexity to Mastodonian levels while blending melodic British and Norwegian black et beaucoup plus metal into a rich, bubbling pot-au-feu. Danger, death and just a touch of D&D fuel this foursome's pugnacious prog approach as they hurtle through the stratosphere. Their latest full-length, From Mars to Sirius, tackles issues terrestrial ("Global Warming"), extraterrestrial ("From the Sky") and fantastical ("Where Dragons Dwell") with intellect, venom and two-ton balls that'll make you think twice about ever boycotting France again.


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