Golden Smog

Golden Smog, a group featuring moonlighters from several rock and roots combos, has lingered for a long time, particularly by side-project standards. On Golden Smog, an amusingly sloppy EP, arrived circa 1992, with two enjoyable full-lengths following in 1995 and 1998, respectively. There's been plenty of radio silence since then, but the gap between releases clearly hasn't done lasting damage, since Another Fine Day more than lives up to its name.

While Wilco's Jeff Tweedy is the biggest star here, he doesn't dominate the proceedings; he co-wrote just two songs (the tender "Long Time Ago" and "Listen Joe") and plays on several others. His modesty allows his fellows plenty of room to shine, and they take advantage. "You Make It Easy," crooned by Run Westy Run veteran Kraig Jarret Johnson, is a dark yet irresistible obsession tune; "Corvette," starring Soul Asylum's Dan Murphy, speeds toward power-pop nirvana; and the propulsive "Frying Pan Eyes" shows that the Jayhawks' Gary Louris can do more than twang.

Once again, Smog goes down like a breath of fresh air.


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