Google improves its music search capabilities

Google improves its music search capabilities

Been on Google lately? Notice something different? We noticed it the other day, but didn't think much of it until we came across this item on Evidently, the search engine provider has broadened its search capabilities to now provide links to songs that are capable of being streamed instantaneously upon demand. According to the Billboard report, the streaming is being handled by MySpace and Lala. Pretty slick if you ask us. For shit's and grins, we just googled Planes Mistaken for Stars, and sure enough, it pulled up four songs and offered up direct links to Rhapsody, Pandora, Imeem and Lala. This technological age we're living in is a trip isn't it? You can hold your phone up to a speaker and it automatically figures out what you're listening to. And now this? Pretty soon, all you're going to have to do is think about a song, and ta-dow! It will instantly appear before you as a hollagram.


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