Grace Gale

Grace Gale might go down as the least original band Denver has ever seen. Everything about the group's new full-length, A Few Easy Steps to Secure Heli-Camel Safety, screams, well, screamo. Of course, that term is pretty played out -- but then again, so are the sounds on this CD. It's all here: faux-metal guitar squeals, sassy hand claps, quasi-surreal wordplay, pop-culture hatchet work, and one guy whining while the other guy screeches. And though the numbers are solidly colored in, the final picture isn't very compelling. Even the occasional acoustic interludes resolve predictably -- with more generic riffs and shrieks. The one thing Grace Gale has going for it is goofiness; thankfully, the quartet doesn't seem to take itself too seriously. Until some retro-screamo movement pops up in twenty years and breathes fresh life and ideas into the genre, Grace Gale would be better off finding a new voice for its slapstick angst.


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