Great American Taxi

Great American Taxi's sophomore release finds the band in strong form, despite some personnel shifts over the past few years. The group continues to lean on the honky-tonk pedal to produce engaging roots-based ditties, including the title cut, "Reckless Habits," an infectious ode to late country rocker Gram Parsons, and the Grateful Dead-inspired "American Beauty," which acknowledges the outfit's devotion to a Western jam aesthetic. Habits is piled high with rootsy sing-alongs such as the opening cut, "One of These Days," lead guitarist Jim Lewin's tongue-in-cheek ode to band life, "Tough Job," and the classic Vince Herman-delivered "Good Night to Boogie." Other jewels include "Cold Lonely Town" and the lyrically lustful "Fuzzy Little Hippie Girl." Being a democratic effort, most of the outfit's members lend a hand penning its songs. And while their habits may be reckless, the results are safely pleasing.


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