Green Velvet

Curtis Jones had a lot to do with revitalizing the Chicago house-music scene in the '90s. As DJ Cajmere, Jones produced vocal house tunes that easily rivaled that of his heroes, the men who built the scene. In an effort to branch out, Jones later adopted the moniker Green Velvet and put out some of the funkiest, catchiest tracks that house heads had ever heard. Songs like "Answering Machine," with its undeniable and hilarious "I don't need this shit!" hook, ruled the rave and club scenes upon its release in 1998. Jones's tunes, which typically bordered on the absurd, somehow always worked, and they won him a rabid following with ravers, fellow DJs and producers alike. As a live act, Green Velvet (slated to appear at the Church this Thursday, March 30) stands alone. His outrageous outfits, along with the real musicians playing his music live, easily bring to mind the likes of Outkast -- and the music is just as energetic and infectious.


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