Whoops! The members of Greenfield got the chance to record with producer Malcolm Burn, a Grammy winner whose credits include work with Bob Dylan. But on the jacket of Kingston, an EP whose release is being celebrated on Saturday, August 27, at a Soiled Dove performance also featuring Joshua Novak, Meese and Redline Defiance, Burn's first name was initially misspelled as "Malcom," necessitating a major reprinting. What the "L"?

Fortunately, the disc justifies the additional expense. Its sound is first-rate, with Burn contributing an atmospheric backdrop that boosts Greenfield's earnest, tuneful rock. Although "The O.C." probably isn't flashy enough for the identically monikered television series, it ambles along at a nice clip, and if "Letter" seems a bit too Chris-Martinized, the tune builds to an enjoyably dramatic conclusion. The same can be said of "Afterthought," a loose effort built upon the guitars of Jeremy D'Antonio and Tim White.

Overall, Kingston is a modest but promising effort, no matter how you spell it.




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