Greg Garrison

As original bassist and founding member of the Punch Brothers, Greg Garrison obviously knows his way around progressive bluegrass. But on Low Lonesome, his first solo outing, Garrison proves to be a competent jazz bassist and composer as well. Recorded live at the Laughing Goat in Boulder with trumpeter Ron Miles, saxophonist John Gunther, keyboardist Erik Deutsch and drummer Marc Dalio, the seven songs on Low Lonesome feature stellar interplay throughout. Opening with the slow steady pulse of "Intercom," which includes some gorgeous playing from Miles, Garrison makes it clear this isn't going to be an all-out swinging affair but more of an introspective effort, which works quite well here. Even the more up-tempo cuts, like "Blackwell's Reel" and Billy Strayhorn's "Johnny Come Lately," fit in nicely against the more subdued songs.


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