Gritt Hitter at the hi-dive

Plenty of bands have overmined the new wave of British heavy metal and mixed it with a bit of glam rock and thrash. Sonically, Gritt Hitter (due at the hi-dive on Thursday, October 8) comes from that milieu, but instead of limiting itself to creating music in the shadow of its heroes, the trio performs with a startling ferocity. On stage, frontman Kevin Mino is jerked around like a marionette by the force of emotion that courses through him. But this wouldn't be possible if Lori Carr didn't bring along a sinuous funk sensibility in the rhythm section, augmenting Brendon Speas's driving yet off-kilter percussion. No hard-rock retread, Gritt Hitter comes off like the heir to, rather than the imitator of, its forebears.

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