Gritt Hitter, May 13 at the Gothic Theatre

Two years ago, Gritt Hitter (due at the Gothic Theatre this Friday, May 13) was a promising three-piece metal act that was clearly inspired by the new wave of British heavy metal, with a thrash undercurrent. Even though some of its sound was familiar, the band seemed caught up in the momentum and force of its songwriting. Now with an expanded lineup, Gritt Hitter is releasing its debut EP, recorded at Module Overload. If anything, the foursome has honed its sound further into a kind of galloping doom rock made possible with two guitarists. Rather than get more self-indulgent with instrumental passages, these guys have thickened their collective sound and given it genuine heft — and not just because of drop tuning. With a rhythm section that's unafraid to part company for dynamic shifts, this incarnation of Gritt hits a little harder.


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