CrazyWorld begins like a vivid nightmare. The apocalyptic tone of Grizz's lyrics, along with the urgency in his voice, immediately raises the stakes of the album. Grizz points out the damning omens he finds around him but provides no easy solutions; it's a bleak picture. Then, near the halfway point, he begins zeroing in on himself as a culprit, detailing his failing battle with alcoholism, and it's tough to decide whether the rapper sees himself as a victim of the nihilistic, destructive world around him or if he is one of the many players responsible. Probably a bit of both. Not only is this a powerful collection of tracks, but it's a cohesive album with lyrics and production that tell a story. The album's only glaring weakness is the last three tracks, which add little, and some may not appreciate the lack of friendly hooks or resolution. This isn't easy listening, but it's not meant to be.


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