Guns N' Rosa Parks

Rocking a laundromat with shitty jam bands? Playing a benefit show for Rwandan refugees while dressed as Chippendales dancers? It's all par for the course for Fort Collins's Guns N' Rosa Parks. Formed in 2004, the band has spent the past couple of years living as irreverently as its name, in the process releasing the One Life Drama Free demo and last year's bludgeoning Antifreeze EP. Burning through seventeen songs in 22 minutes, Antifreeze is a knuckle-sandwich affirmation of everything that's great about hardcore punk: snot, booze, laughs, riffs and a healthy dose of misanthropy in the tradition of Gang Green and Poison Idea. Guns is currently planning a summer tour of the West Coast. In the meantime, catch the group on Thursday, April 27, at the Climax Lounge, with Formaldehyde Junkies, Totally Gone, Los Sobrios Emputados and DDC. True, its old-school onslaught won't break any world records for originality. But it'll seriously fuck up your spin cycle.


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