Guy Gerber will do things his own way at Beta

Guy Gerber does things his own way. When he released a Fabric album earlier this year, instead of mixing popular or up-and-coming tunes from other artists, he created sixteen of his own tracks to weave into a set. The Israel native was on his country's national under-sixteen soccer team as a youth, but the game couldn't compete with the appeal Gerber found in acts like My Bloody Valentine and Joy Division; even now, his soaring synth lines, techy beats and gorgeous instrumentals (some of which are played by Gerber himself) are introspective and shoegaze-touched. He plays the bass guitar on his latest release, "Steady," dropped just this month, and he's currently collaborating with P. Diddy on an underground project titled 11-11. Catch him at Beta on Saturday, October 13, fresh from a hot summer in Europe.


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