Har Mar Superstar

In the '90s, Sean Tillman performed in both noise-rock band Calvin Krime and the more pop-oriented Sean Na Na while still a teenager in the Minneapolis area. Around the turn of this century, he created Har Mar Superstar, a bombastic hip-hop/R&B persona that delivers suitably single-entendre lyrics. The act is elevated by genuinely clever crafting and songs that result in a sort of high-concept-comedy performance art. While Tillman's shtick plays like the brilliant post-"film" career of a charismatic ex-porn star, he has undeniable singing ability and pop sensibilities; he's even purportedly penned songs for Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Osbourne. On his latest album, Bye Bye 17, Har Mar Superstar continues to turn what would otherwise be cheese into glittery pop perfection.


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